Terms and conditions

The buyer logs in with his email address and a password, which is known only to him, the Online Store at pinky4shopping.

Payment by Paypal or prepayment

The buyer ordered through his cart. Payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer - payment. Once the payment is recorded at PayPal, the buyer will receive a confirmation email with the date of shipment.

Should the consumer the opportunity to pay his goods ordered in advance / bank transfer, it receives from pinky4shopping in a separate e-mail the bank account details.

Once the payment is registered, the buyer will receive a confirmation and further the delivery date will be given. The paid invoice is enclosed with the goods.


pinky4shopping agrees that personal data of the buyer will only be collected for the purpose of purchase in this store will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties. The customer may at any time request the deletion.

Complaints and Returns

If not satisfied of the article, the buyer has the right to return of 14 days (as evidenced by the date of the return as proof), with a short statement of the reason for return. A refund of the amount paid is made immediately after receipt of the goods. The customer enters his account number for this purpose. The cost of returning the buyer.

Complaints must immediately upon receipt of the goods (as evidenced by the date of receipt) by email pinky4shopping be communicated. Likewise, an accurate description of the complaint (Damaged - Damaged due to damaged packaging or other reasons). Of course, the buyer will receive back a new product or the amount paid after the damaged or faulty goods by the seller pinky4shopping has been received and the complaint was accepted.

The seller, pinky4shopping, indicates that all items ordered through before shipment quality control to make sure the goods are in perfect condition and has been properly packed.


Shipping is by GLS (trolleys, bags) or snail mail (BH jewelry carrier for small quantities).

Orders from multiple categories at pinky4shopping be sent if possible in a single consignment. Should be a partial delivery will be no additional shipping costs for the remainder of the delivery for the buyer. Shipping fees are only 1 x levied specifically for the entire first purchase.

The buyer will receive from pinky4shopping exclusively new.


For further questions pinky4shopping is always at your disposal. Each email will be answered promptly.