Welcome to the website of pinky4shopping.com

Our online store currently offers 3 categories with many exciting articles: as for example fashion handbags with interchangeable covers and the most amazing jewelry bra carrier that will fit to any look!

Our range is exciting!

pinky4shopping has tried to be a "somewhat different shop", and thinks that this has been achieved. One can find items that are not quite so commonplace and pinky4shopping endeavors to expand the range in this sense.

We take your opinion on like

pinky4shopping also likes to go to customer requests or suggestions a. Suggestions but also criticism are accepted, and thus ultimately contribute also to always get the latest news equip the shop.

pinky4shopping hopes and wishes that this site is general agreement and is looking forward to lots of visitors, referring people and of course a lot of orders.


At this point, the following must be mentioned:

ery special and heartfelt thanks to Katrina Francke, Dipl. Designer of Artis Web Design. There should be an exceptional site that it deviates from the usual sites. Katrina has a very personal site designed that exactly suits me. Those who know me, know why I say this so.

My special thanks go to Stefanie Nordhoff, here in Torrox Costa, who translated all the lyrics into Spanish with very great enthusiasm. Without them I would only bilingual .......... and that would be an absolute no-go.

THANKS Steffi!

Great suppliers!

And then there's my supplier. So many tips, advice, opinions, for which I am very grateful. Everyone stood by my side and supported me wherever they could.

I especially thank Meret Barz and Alexander Koitzsch. So much kindness and support - simply ingenious. THANK YOU BOTH.

Have fun shopping!

Yes, and now only remains to say that I wish that all of my site like well and is accepted benevolently.

Oh, it must and can be ordered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingrid Reiter